Location of medieval heraldry other than the knight’s shield?

Question by Halus: Spot of medieval heraldry other than the knight’s shield?
It was also observed on the knight’s surcoat and the horse’s caparison (ornamental cloth covering). My problem is, what time period did this start to seem/grow to be the standard, or was it a lot more to do with the knight’s prosperity or place in modern society that determined this?

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Response by buzzzard
Yeah, you are right. It became about wealth and place.
My favored was the indicator that defined whether or not the knight was a bastard.

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  1. Roswellfan

    The site “Armorial Gold History of Heraldry” indicates that tournaments were the impetus for the introduction of heraldry — to identify the combatants. Then in 1095 the First Crusade began and the Crusaders would wear Crosses on their surcoats to identify themselves, plus their coming into contact with the East and Eastern images gave rise to griffins, dragons and the like to add to the heraldic vocabulary.

    After that during the feudal age, it developed into a science. Around the 12-13 century heraldic symbols started to become hereditary. Once a knight had shown his valor in battle or in tournament wearing a certain heraldic device, it was only natural his family would want to continue to use it.

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