Medieval Clothing

Mowbray arms

Some cool medieval wear images:

Mowbray arms
medieval wear
Image by Lawrence OP
Gules a lion rampart argent: the arms granted to the De Mowbray family who wear early Norman lords of the manor of Melton.

Medieval glass from St Mary’s Melton Mowbray.

Find of the Day!
medieval wear
Image by Cosmeston Archaeology
The Spatula was cool, but this is undoubtedly our find of the day.

This is a Nuremberg Jeton, produced between 1585-1635 by Hanns Krauwinkle II. It is pierced and probably worn as a pendant. The Jeton was found in layers associated with the demolition of the medieval manor.

Keep tuned to our website for more details.

Photo by mattnic.

Maddy in Medieval Times.
medieval wear
Image by Brian Hogg
This was at Jonathan and Jesse’s wedding. Maddy is wearing a corset that she loathed, but I think looked pretty snazzy on her.

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