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Q&A: Halloween costume ideas for a long black gown?

Issue by : Halloween costume ideas for a long black gown?
I am searching for a Halloween costume ideas for adapting a prolonged black gown that goes down to my ankles. It has a v-neck and a silver buckle at the stop of the v. All I can believe of is a witch and was asking yourself if any person has other concepts.

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Both a witch or a glamorous film star.

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6 Thoughts to “Q&A: Halloween costume ideas for a long black gown?”

  1. Kristen

    Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s would be perfect. Just add pearls, make a long cigarette out of some black card, and put your hair in an updo.

  2. CoralineSuperMegaFan

    I have a similar dilemma; my friend has a black dress also and is looking for ways to jazz it up. Some suggestions I can give you are: from the Harry Potter series, a Death Eater. Really cool characters, spooky and reasonable for Halloween. (You can google “harry potter death eaters” for more info) Another one could be a gothic bride. You could add a few things to the dress, like chains, lace or belt/sashes and you could get goth jewelry, makeup and possibly a wig (or even style/color your hair). One more thing I can think of is the mom from the Aadams Family. =D Well, I hope this helped in the tiniest bit… good luck with the costume!

  3. Flowergal90

    A vampire. All you’ll need to do is you’re face make-up to look paler with darker eyes, fake blood, etc.

  4. Melanie

    magical person

  5. La Quaintrelle

    Morticia Adams, if it has long sleeves.

  6. Em

    you could be a deal or no deal model

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