Q&A: How do I clean my Roman Gladius Sword?

Question by Anthony M: How do I clean my Roman Gladius Sword?
I have a katana cleaning kit, do I use that for my Roman Gladius? Here is what my sword is: http://www.swordsdirect.com/roman-gladius-swords.html

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Answer by Dood (7th account)
ask this in the swords or knives section or something. You’d have better answers.

But if ur gladius is the same type of metal as the katana u proabably could clean it

when i use to shop for swords i went to that website a lot. Just thought i’d say that

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2 Thoughts to “Q&A: How do I clean my Roman Gladius Sword?”

  1. Slacker

    You clean it with the blood of your enemies! SPARTAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. rapierlynx

    Since it is stainless, a katana cleaning kit would be overkill. Just wipe it down with some windex once in a while to take off any fingerprints. And don’t try to cut anything with it. Stainless is brittle and may break if you do so. Just ask this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1s0dRcdyizU

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