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Q&A: I am going to a Renaissance Fair with my good friend and we are at a loss for costumes. Particulars follow. What to have on?

Question by I like skushies!: I am planning to a Renaissance Fair with my pal and we’re at a decline for costumes. Particulars stick to. What to dress in?
We are the two women. We have minor funds but not much. My mom desires us to just go to a costume shop. But my friend states they are itchy. So, if any of you know of any styles or great examples of places to go to acquire a reasonably affordable costume, or perhaps even have an idea of what we can gown AS…we are extremely indecisive…that would be amazing!
Also, if it tends to make a distinction, we’re both not really tiny if you catch my drift.

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Solution by misticalgirl13
Appear on this internet site for some tips, but your best wager would be to examine out the nearby goodwill or salvation army and find distinct things that you can place with each other to make an outfit.

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