Rome and the Sword: How Warriors and Weapons Formed Roman Background Critiques

Rome and the Sword: How Warriors and Weapons Shaped Roman History A pathbreaking study that integrates military theory with the historical account to explain how the Roman armies functioned, triumphed, and ultimately failed.The story of Rome and its military seems a familiar one, told often through books and movies and games, yet it is a…

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Medieval News

Have folks overlooked the correct that means, and background, of Christmas?

by Kotomicreations Query by eliziam: Have men and women overlooked the correct which means, and history, of Christmas? Although we all ought to appreciate opportunities to mirror & be thankful to Jesus Christ, does Xmas really honor Jesus….or insult him?? The track record of Christmas: The Buffalo Reports, Nov. 22, 1984: “The earliest reference to…

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Swords of Honor