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Were original greek bronze statues painted too?

Question by : Were original greek bronze statues painted too?
Currently it’s pretty big news that greek and roman marble statues obviously were painted. Also everything indicates that this must have looked hideous if you apply our modern standards, but whatever. I learned in school that many of the greek marble sculptures are in fact roman copies of greek bronze sculptures (because the romans needed the bronze for making weapons but being more cultivated than medieval christians, who just destroyed the artworks for being unchristian and mostly nude, made marble copies before melting them down).

So what I want to know is this: Were the original greek bronzes painted too? Which of the marble sculptures with paint found on them are greek originals and not just roman copies? If none, is there any proof that greek originals were painted at all?

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Answer by Daniel
I don’t think that the original greek bronzes were painted. The bronze is formed as a cast to keep the sculpture uniform. Basically, the sculptures were hollow to seal in the layer of bronze. Here is a useful link that I found most interesting about.

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