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How to examination created hammers/fix the broken sword on sims medieval?

Issue by Mike: How to check created hammers/restore the broken sword on sims medieval?
In the blacksmith hero quests u can go entice chinchilla and ur supposed to make 2 hammers for the hunters but I created the hammers now it says check them and I do not know where/how to do it. Its not in the hover window discription or in the lessons checklist. I fatigued acquiring a instruction dummy and I tried to spar with ppl but no possibilities ended up obtainable. I acquired tears in my eyes from yawning my encounter off cuz I am bored of attempting to figure this out.

Also the point about repair the damaged sword and return it. I won’t be able to take the silly sword to the forge to correct it.. again no choices offered to do so and no lesson/hover window info to clarify to me wtf I’m intended to do… I’m fatigued of getting blacksmith I wanna finish these silly desires/quests so I can go back again to my monarch or do something else -_________-

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Response by sarahs_stunt_double
You have to do the checks through the “Forge…” choice at the forge. It’s on the checklist as checks for every form of hammer you had to make. Identical factor for repairing the sword. It is called “Fixed Sword” on the record

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2 Thoughts to “How to examination created hammers/fix the broken sword on sims medieval?”

  1. jhsy

    I haven’t done the chinchilla quest yet, but mouseover the quest icon and read the description there carefully. usually it gives you some hints.

    regarding the repairing broken sword, do you mean the ones you get as responsibility? If so, just click on your forge to select “Forge…”, which shows you the list of items you can forge. the sword to be repaired should be somewhere near the bottom of the list. Just choose it like you are forging any normal things and proceed from there.

  2. SimplyShanice

    I just finished that quest and i couldnt figure it out at first either. Heres what you do. Once you make both hammers. go back to the stove pick forge then stroll down and it will have any option to forge test the hammer and just do lik you normally would to make anything.

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