When Jesus arrives with a sword will he carry a roman sword or a locally built product forged by the Canaanites?

by Albion Europe ApS Query by Herod the Fantastic: When Jesus arrives with a sword will he bring a roman sword or a locally created products forged by the Canaanites? Matthew ..10/34……”Do not assume that I have come to deliver peace on earth. I did not arrive to provide peace but a sword”. Exactly what…

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Other Medieval Weapons

Authentic Medieval Flail…33 inches. Product Category: Medieval Novelties > Medieval Weapons Reviews

Genuine Medieval Flail…33 inches. Product Group: Medieval Novelties > Medieval Weapons Genuine Medieval Flail..33 inches. Very own a correct museum quality flail with styling primarily based on the real products located in “digs” under and close to the castles of Europe. This hand-crafted masterpiece has an general extended length of roughly 33 inches. The diameter…

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