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What are some excellent horse halloween costumes?

Question by : What are some good horse halloween costumes?
I need to pick coordinating halloween costumes for my horse and I for Halloween this year. He’s a bay. Also need to know how or where to get it! (Or make it) thanks!

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Answer by Sarra
Go as a jockey? Wear white jodhpurs, a silk/satin long sleeve blouse and a black vest over the blouse so only the sleeves of the blouse are seen. Your horse can wear a black saddle pad with a large white number on it, his bridle (not double bridle) and saddle. And carry a crop like the jockeys do.

Not very creative, sorry!

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4 Thoughts to “What are some excellent horse halloween costumes?”

  1. Nikolas Kemmler

    Well, you could be the headless horseman….. I’m not sure how you could pull that off but it’s just an idea lol

  2. Little Miss Cavalier

    I found some really cute outfits on youtube…just type in horse halloween costumes…there are tons of videos. Otherwise here are some links that have some really cute costume ideas 🙂


    (retail store but has great ideas)


  3. Alex Grey

    you can find a big collection for horse Halloween costumes.
    www thehorsetailor com

  4. Marry Joseph

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