Halloween Costume Ideas

Q&A: Any excellent Halloween costume ideas for partners?

by r.j.wagner Issue by : Any very good Halloween costume ideas for partners? With only 1 thirty day period away, my girlfriend and I nevertheless attempting to assume of costume suggestions for what will be our very first Halloween with each other. Does anybody have any good costume tips for us? Any recommendations are significantly…

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Medieval News

Some excellent information out about worldwide warming? Probably Greenland will turn into habitable once again.?

by rvacapinta Issue by Spider Boy: Some very good news out about worldwide warming? Possibly Greenland will turn into habitable once again.? Greenland’s ice sheet is melting at a quicker fee. Possibly the glaciers will recede to Medieval Warming Period latitudes and open up up some grazing and farmland! And to assume, there are those…

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Other Medieval Weapons

what are the best web sites for Excellent, durable, and cheap reenactment weapons?

by owenhurrell Query by durindithon: what are the best web sites for Great, sturdy, and low cost reenactment weapons? a group of buddies and I are creating a medieval/renaissance Scottish regiment reenactment group and we need to uncover some great websites for low cost and sturdy weapons, just swords will do but we would like…

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Wherever can I purchase a Very excellent quality Medieval sword?

by ladybugbkt Query by Elizabeth Cresswell: Where can I acquire a Extremely excellent quality Medieval sword? My eighteen-yr-old is taking sword fighting lessons. For Christmas I would like to give her a medieval-type sword that is excellent for overcome. I never want a thing that is also high-priced I’d recognize anything $ a hundred or…

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