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Who all is into Renaissance reenactment ?

Question by Cheri moya: Who all is into Renaissance reenactment ?
Is it a pretty big movement? Whats it all about? Is it a Pagan thing or just fun and frolic???? Qurious me

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Answer by S. M.
I’m a total nerd for that stuff, but I don’t think it has anything to do with my pagan beliefs….

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7 Thoughts to “Who all is into Renaissance reenactment ?”

  1. jen4k2

    It’s not just for pagans. I’m a cross-wearing Christian, History Major, and role-playing gamer. Ren Fairs are for people who love history, love costumes and enjoy putting on fake accents. Go to Google and search for “Renaissance Fair” or “Renaissance Festival” to find the one nearest you. You don’t *need* a costume, but why not? They’re fun!

  2. bobble242

    It’s mostly an escape from reality for a day or a weekend and at the same time creating an atmosphere where people visiting can learn a bit about history.

    Then the Star Trek guys show up acting like they’ve been “beamed onto a primitive planet.” XD

    Seriously, it’s just some fun and a very small percentage could care about anything pagan.

  3. Hockey Fan

    They’re all over the Country – I’ve been to one in Central Texas and there’s a large one near Rochester, NY I’ve gone to, often.
    It’s a great way to spend a day or a week-end. Don’t have to be pagan to “fun and frolic.”

    Thanks – will do next time!

  4. RevSphynx

    It’s pretty big, there are a couple approaches to it. Either the SCA version where people try to be as historically accurate as possible (some rennies do this too), people who do a mix of renaissance history but are more focused on entertaining festival patrons.

    I’m in the second camp.

  5. indianjohn

    Just about our whole family we live by the one in Texas
    Plantersville Tx

    We have a bar & RV Park just south of it
    Hockey Fan stop in & say Hi the first one is on me

  6. abba

    King Richard’s Faire in Mass. Great faire, great location, actors in costume very authentic (accents and all). Thru September and Mid-October. Lots of fun!!!!!!

  7. Heathen Princess JPA

    It’s all in fun! I go to the one in Waxahachie every year here in Texas. We dress up because it’s just fun to do so! No it’s not pagan, though I happen to be. My husband is atheist and he gets into it more then I do and my dad is Christian and he dressed up this year. It’s a total blast.
    Some people really get into and travel around with the faire. I just go one day once a year but it’s still a lot of fun. My five year old thinks it great that she can wear a princess dress in public lol

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