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Random Problem: Fave weapon to consider into a combat? (Close Overcome)?

Problem by Harry D: Random Problem: Fave weapon to just take into a fight? (Close Combat)?
It can variety from say Frypans, Baseball Bats with nails, Someone’s severed leg,
or i choose medieval weapons these kinds of as katanas, halberds,

My individual favorite is Kusari-gama or scythe

Greatest response:

Solution by Understanding Is Bliss
1 time I set a What Would Jesus Do bracelet on my Jewish friend’s wrist. It burned his skin. He threw it on the ground and it turned into a snake. We both laughed. We detest snakes. We think snakes are slimy, even even though we know they’re not.

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15 Thoughts to “Random Problem: Fave weapon to consider into a combat? (Close Overcome)?”

  1. Jolly Green Giant Is Down for Name Suggestions.

    I prefer a chain or hammer. Something that’ll make a mess.

  2. no name 2

    can i just run away from the fight?

  3. Brandon✌

    a lancer v time to kill some geth

  4. hunter of the shadows

    I only need my fists. I’m a bada*s.

  5. The Deadpool abides !

    Changes with each comic-book, and state of mind that I’m in. Typically I always carry two katanas with me.

  6. Andrew Schembri

    i would take a claw,, mess making is guaranteed and you still remain agile while using it 🙂

  7. Sorcerers Mistress

    My favourite is a sword.

  8. Rowdy

    Pardon me while I pull my Glock out of my purse. You lose.

  9. Haruhi

    anime powers… ninja skillz and a sword BABY!!!!!!!!

  10. Aurelia S


    I would go with Brass knuckles.

  11. Wolfgang

    Just a sword.

  12. Bane of Grey

    A rake.

  13. Naruto-kun lover


    LOL XD

  14. Klra

    Someone else to do it for me.

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